Kitchen garden season has started again!

First I put some nice flowers: it is an absolute bliss to be in this lovely place on mother earth absorbing all the prana from the elements. It helps being in the moment and appreciate every single day as a miracle.
While ordening and cleaning the garden, I took all the leaves and moss from the kitchen garden to fill it up with new soil again. The upper layer has to be with fresh soil when you start a new gardening season, this way new plants have enough food to grow. The first back row I already filled with seeds for green beans: these can be put straight into the soil!
Enjoy every single moment gardening, this way your good energy fills the plants with love, which you can feel when you eventually eat them when they are full grown; all is energy. That is a basic wisdom of the Sattvic lifestyle and yoga diet.
The other seeds are inside the house, growing on a home made seedbed: they need water every day, but never put it on top, let them suck the water from down a plate. These are one week old and are in front of the window and receive full sunshine. This year I tried to do an experiment with the pumpkin seeds and carrot seeds: last year they did not grow as they should in the kitchen garden bin, so this year I’ve put them into the full ground without growing them first inside: keep you posted on how this is working out!

Living the yoga lifestyle and growing your own food gives perfect health for body, mind and soul and eventually if we would all do this, it will safe the planet too!
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