Inside beauty: ‘no make up’ tutorial

It’s all about looks these days and how to improve your appearance with beautiful clothes, shoes, bags and a lot of make up. And don’t get me wrong: I love to use make up and to put on nice clothes, but sometimes we forget that real beauty comes from the inside.

Sometimes striking clothes and too much make up can be distractive in a way that it takes the attention away from your inner beauty. Best thing is to shine your inside bliss and happiness in a way that you don’t need to show of physically: it’s all perishable, it’s all earthly and it’s not real! Not important actually. The only real thing in life is love (prema) and bliss (ananda).

A while ago Alicia Keys started the -no make up movement- to show your inner beauty instead of using too many products to make your face look unnatural. Great initiative. Though funny enough, after that came the ‘no make up – make up look’ and became very high rated on the internet. Make up tutorials everywhere, to look as natural as possible with A LOT of make up on. Still it doesn’t look natural at all and most of the girls making these tutorials are so young: they don’t even need any make up.

And when you get older (like me) then it is best to use as little as make up as possible, because wrinkles increase with too much concealer, foundation, powders, contouring and high lighting. And yes, I know what I am talking about: I am a woman, I use make up as well. And I watch tutorials to learn how to put the make up as beautiful as possible.

What I miss in these tutorials is that nobody talks about hydrating the skin from the inside instead of putting a lot of creams from the outside. And what I miss is that nobody talks about beauty from the inside: they teach our girls and young women that they can only be pretty with a lot of make up on. I would like to change this habit right now: please know that no make up can make you look more beautiful, pure beauty comes from the inside. It is something that you radiate from your heart, it is your inner happiness, bliss and love. Your soul energy. This can only come to shine if you are happy with yourself. If you are content. If you have self esteem and self worthiness. This never comes from the layers of make up on your face!

Reaching that inner love and happiness is only possible with meditation: it is to be found in samadhi, the space in between thoughts where there is nothing. Absolutely nothing. No material, no thoughts, no emotions, no nothing. To get there you need to be relaxed about yourself and not be stressed out about superficial stuff. No outside resource can get you to love or happiness: it is only to be found inside of you. It is your soul. So when you radiate real, pure beauty, you are connected to your real self.

So here is my pre-make up tutorial: What you should do in the morning before putting your make up on, in a way that you might even walk out the door with a naked face and feel pretty anyway!

  1. Start your day with drinking a lot of water. During the night when you are a sleep, you don’t drink anything so in the morning your body, and the skin are dehydrated.
  2. The first glass should be warm water with fresh lime: it detoxes your whole system (also the skin) at once and it is used a lot as an Ayurvedic medicine.
  3. Move your body, shoulders and neck with some smooth warming up movements to wake up your system and relax. If you know yoga, it would be good to do some soft asanas.
  4. Try to figure out face yoga, this helps prevent wrinkles and softens the skin. Give your face a nice loving massage with a good cream that nurtures and protects the skin.
  5. Meditate for at least 20 minutes. Connect with your inner beauty.
  6. During meditation radiate light from your heart en fill up your whole body en surroundings with this light. This improves mental and physical health. Inner and outer beauty.
  7. Before putting your make up on, take some time to watch yourself in the mirror without any judgment. Do mirror work (like Louise Hay taught us) and tell yourself in the mirror (out loud): I love you. You are beautiful. You are perfect just as you are. I will love you unconditionally, no matter how you look or what you do today: I love you.

Have a great day! Namasté.

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