In 20 minutes delicious home made naan bread

Never thought it would be possible to bake my own naan bread in less then 20 minutes. And I must say that these came out so much better than the ones from the shop: fresh, delicious, light and super fast.

For these 2 naan I took 100 grams organic flower, 75 grams yoghurt, a dash of water, 2 grams Himalaya salt, a sniff of cumin powder, 10 grams baking powder and a teaspoon agave syrup. First mix the dry ingredients and then add the rest. Make a beautiful mixture and after that you can form a flat oval shaped bread with your hands (moisten them with water first so the dough won’t stick).

For baking the naan, you can make a nice herb oil first. It’s very simple; just put some oil in a baking pan, like olive oil. Normally I would use coconut oil, but for this recipe olive oil is a little bit better, because it is thicker and therefor a little bit more ‘sticky’.

Then add to the oil some cumin seeds and sesame seeds. After frying those, add some dried herbs like coriander and basil. Oregano and thyme would be lovely for this naan bread too, but I only used these two herbs.

When that is fried well after a minute, add the bread. Put the herb-oil on both sides. Bake in a couple of minutes each side until it is beautiful brown. Put the tap on for a minute, so that the flower can become well-done.

You will be surprised not only by the great taste, also the little effort it takes to bake it. Sattvic means that you make all your food fresh, with natural and organic ingredients, which is much better for you health.

This amazing naan bread tastes lovely with any type of curry or Shahi Paneer, like the picture on the right, from which my recipe is still secret. Sorry 😉

Naan bread is also lovely for lunch with for example a fresh yoghurt spread and fried veggies like the picture on the left.

This naan really is the proof that within a couple of minutes you can have a great, simple, light, super fresh and Sattvic meal on your kitchen table.

Bon appetite!

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