Bowl: pearl couscous with sugarsnaps, rucola and grated mozzarella

These days I have been posting most pictures of recipes on Instagram (@JanayitriBrahmanda), but I could not deny you this one: what a lovely, delicious light dish for our book. I made this bowl purely with my intuition, the Sattvic way, and it turned out amazing. Fits the yoga diet perfectly!

First you cook the pearl couscous and in the meanwhile you bake some thyme and rosemary in coconut oil. Then you add some olive oil to stir-fry the sugarsnaps. The last minute you add some tomatoes, salt and pepper. Mix with the drained couscous, let it cool down a bit and add a lot of fresh rucola. Serve with grated mozzarella: put some Himalaya salt and chili (or if you don’t like that some paprika) with fresh chives on a plate and dab the peaces of mozzarella one by one into the herb-mix. Bon appetite!

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