Our book on top 10 best selling list!

Such an amazing news that our book ‘Yoga-energizers for children’ is on the top 10 bestselling list of our publisher. The book is a great tool for teachers in regular schools, but also for yoga class, theatre or sports classes to bring yoga and meditation into the classroom in a funny and cheerful way. It brings children back to their inner light of happiness, it let’s them shine and become their real authentic selves. The energisers help them learn to cope with emotions, norms and values, and become compassionate loving beings with a strong character. The cool energisers include breathing exercises, meditation, asanas, games and dance, and the book includes wonderful spiritual Indian music. Every teacher who works with kids could benefit from it!

We are very thankful that we have received beautiful reviews. Hopefully the book will soon be out in English too, the translation is finished… several publishers are interested, but it is still open for other publishers to compete. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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