Low carb diet after the holidays: courgette pasta!

Seeing the fact I gained some weight, I started a low carb diet. This is the first time since many years, before I always had to eat carbs to keep my best weight, because of some health problems. So gaining weight is good news for me. Still I love to eat vegan and low carb to detox after the holiday season and it helps my yoga practice big time! With Sattvic food it is much easier to become ‘in between thoughts’ during meditation. The yoga diet teaches us that with light food, we keep our thoughts happy and blissful.

Low carb vegan courgette-one-pot-pasta bowl with red pesto

This lovely vegan low carb bowl was made in 5 minutes, can you believe it? And one pot! It has home made courgette pasta with red pesto and tomato, and avocado and fresh basil on top.

Cut the courgette in thin slices and put them one minute in boiling water. I’ve cut them with just a knife, but I guess some would like to use a special tool to make beautiful round courgette pasta. For me it’s okay like this. You could choose to make this dish raw; heat the courgette till 60 degrees celsius in the oven or serve them completely crude (which has an amazing taste too).

Then drain the water and add Himalaya-salt, pepper, olive oil and red pesto. Stir with some pieces of tomato and pour the mixture into your bowl. Add some fresh basil and avocado and your dish is finished. Lovely taste. Very healthy and light. Fits the Sattvic yoga diet perfectly!

If you need a stronger intervention you could also choose to detox for a couple of weeks, which I described in an earlier blog. Remember to always keep enjoying life 😉
Best wishes for the new year!

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