Kitchen garden lessons: Winter-ready

The last kitchen garden lesson for this year: how to make your small food garden winter-ready. First you take out all the plants with their roots. That is very important. The plant of the fresh mint is a real usurer and had roots all over the place. They were very hard to take out.

You can choose to leave your kitchen garden open to try to grow winter veggies, but my intuition tells me that these will not grow in the circumstances I live in. It gets really cold and windy in my garden, because there are only open fields around it. 

After taking out all the old plants, just shuffle everything around. I love digging in the ground, it gives you a great feeling of taking care of mother nature: she took good care of us during the whole summer by bringing me these lovely fresh vegetables, now I take good care of her. 

I left this for a couple of days so that the air could reach into the ground, but then I saw that the cats in my neighbourhood loved this as well. Luckily they did not leave anything behind there ;). So I covered it all up with the autumn leaves that were left behind in my garden, as if they were saying: use us! We are here to help you! This way we can really understand the communication of nature with us. Everything is re-usable! It is the circle of life and death: samsara. We just have to learn to listen to her messages. 

In spring next year when I use the kitchen garden again, I will cover it with a new layer of fresh organic soil, so that new plants can grow again. But for now, she can rest and recover.


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