Autumn is coming: find happiness within

IMG_7627.jpgDays are getting shorter. More clouds are coming. My garden is becoming less green and more colorful. The last buds of the gerbera are coming out. Birds are busy preparing for winter. I took out the last useful bits of my kitchen garden. Beans will not grow any further, the courgette plant has just some leaves and old flowers left, and the green tomatoes will not turn red anymore: therefor they would need more sunshine.


Autumn is coming and this is a natural part of nature. We have to accept everything in life as it is. That gives inner rest. Prepare yourself for winter as well as nature does and try to think of ways to find happiness within: during summer when we are a lot outside and well receiving sunshine, especially our last warm summer, our love-tanks are filled with fresh prana constantly. While in this time of the year, we are more inside the house with a lot less sunshine.

The first thing you can do, is take some extra vitamine D: that helps our mood and cold stiff muscles. The yoga-diet is all about moving with your surroundings and circumstances. Eating winter veggies helps us big time during cold days: mother nature gives us everything we need at any specific moment, we can trust her intelligence to give us what’s best for us during every season. Thought this time of the year, it is advisable to take extra good care of ourselves with some food supplements like wheat grass and moringa for all the important vitamins, minerals and of course chlorofyll.

Besides aligning and fine tuning our diet, best thing to do is to meditate, do yoga postures and pranayama to refill our system with prana. That gives instant happiness and fills our love-tanks: love is not to be found outside but only inside of you. Your own soul is love and happiness, you just have to tune into it during deep silence and a state of samadhi. That’s it. There you’ll find love and happiness. Many people try to find it in experiences, materials, romances and other persons (a partner or even their own children), but this is not the right way: real happiness and true love can only be found within. If you find it there you will never depend on outside resources to feel happy or loved anymore. Wishes and desires will fade away, and that gives inner peace and connects you to the higher energy.

Still it is important to make sure you create a nice and clean atmosphere in your home, with candlelight, some nice incense and good calming music: this helps you to even go deeper during dhyana or meditation. Personally I am looking forward to the colder days: they let my inner warmth shine even more.

I wish you all a great autumn and blissful winter! Don’t forget to make long walks outside and enjoy the wonders of nature. When you connect with nature and its elements which is full of prana, your own energy tunes into the same vibration and is getting an instant refill.


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