Now is the time to meditate: Happy Navratri 2018!

IMG_7431.jpgEvery person who practices yoga or meditation should meditate today: this is the best moment of coming into a deep meditative state of samadhi. That is because of the strong light at the end of the nine days celebrations of the Goddess Ma Durga. It all started with her: she is the life-giving force. She is prana. She is God. And it all ends with her after self-realization, enlightenment or better to say moksha. When we reach our ultimate goal of life, we become her, we become unconditional love. We need our full strength to get there: life is a path of learning, falling down, crawling up and getting out all evil and darkness, so that light and love can prevail. The stories of Ma Durga show us that only female force and unconditional love can lit up darkness: it will disappear only with the light of love. Durga stands for this proces of cleaning ourselves; our bodies, minds and souls in a way that we can merge with her. We become her, by turning into love. Today is the 9th day of Durga Puja or Navratri and you can feel her presence while you are silently sitting in nature or doing a deep meditation: her light is shining strongly so that you can easily reach out to her! Just sit and feel. Happy Navratri! Happy Dasara! Happy Dussehra!



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