Breaking with old patterns

We all have them: those patterns we want to break with. Like unhealthy eating habits or constantly putting ourselves down in our thoughts ‘I can’t wear this, I am too fat’ or ‘I am never capable of doing that’. These are normal patterns which we have formed throughout our whole lives. All our life-experiences influence our inner energy.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, control over our thoughts and senses is a straight ticket to love and happiness: when we have our thoughts, words and actions on one line, we are a wholesome person in balance. For that we need to have controle over our inner energy and habits or patterns.

When our inner energy is beautiful, we attract happy experiences form the outer world. For that we need to break with all kinds of negative patterns. We cannot really help we have them; most of the time emotional experiences or traumas in our childhood or youth are the cause of them. We don’t have control over that, but we can overwin those internalized patterns we have today, ourselves. Without outside help.


First of all you have to start with affirmations: positive thoughts. Best thing is to do these in front of the mirror. Tell yourself at least 5 times every day that you love yourself just as you are. When you look in the mirror say out loud: ‘I love you!’

Positive thoughts

Be aware of every thought: try to turn them into something absolutely positive. Like for example: ‘I am not going to fight with my husband today’ into ‘I love my husband and we are going to have a great time today’.

Light meditation

Start doing a light meditation in which you radiate a huge light from your heart, which extends each time a little bit more. Fill your whole body with the light, the room your in, the house, the city… light everything and everybody in your surroundings. Your family, friends, and also the persons you don’t really like. You’ll see a huge difference within a couple of weeks: you’ll be surrounded by good people, positive experiences and loving actions.


Once you are aware of your thoughts you can start the process of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga, in which you start to self reflect deeply. Jnana means knowledge and wisdom. With Jnana Yoga and self reflection, you get to know your true self. Evaluate every thought and action. Become conscious of what you think, feel and do. Then turn them into something positive, that is called Karma Yoga. You clean the energy with right action and positive patterns. If you like to drink coffee in the morning with an unhealthy snack, make a new healthy pattern with a nice smoothie and a piece of whole grain spelt-bread (for example).


If you have a hard time changing a pattern, you can start doing a mantra every time you think: ‘I want that coffee!’ Aum namah shivaya is the perfect mantra for that, but you can also choose another one. When you fill your thoughts with the divine energy of mantra’s, there will be no room for those negative, lowering thoughts. Divine energy of light thoughts fills your mind with complete bliss.

Asana and pranayama

Best thing is to support the affirmations, meditation and mantra by doing the asanas and pranayama. This is actually the goal of every yoga practice: clean our inner energy. The asanas are a strong physical detox, which cleans us on an energetic level too. With pranayama we can clean our inner energy prana, with the right breathing exercises: this is a very strong and direct way to detox our energetic bodies intensively. You can ask your yoga teacher to help with that. Every morning between 4.00 and 8.00 AM is the best time to do sadhana (spiritual practice) as in meditation, pranayama and asana. The energy is bright, fresh and divine at that time.

Happiness and love are to be found within

Eventually you’ll see that love and happiness are only to be found within and you can reach them with this cleansing process! Once you become light from the inside, you merge with the light of the higher energy: Moksha. The goal of every living being 😉


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