Are you living your dharma?

We can reach our dharma by following our talents. Dharma is the special goal in life that the higher energy has in mind for you. Our personal talents are like tools we get from birth to be able to live our dharma. All unique individual dharma is in line with the universal dharma to bring love into the world. Because love is God. And we are all one body of love in which we have to promote love, so that everybody only sees love, thinks love, acts out of love and speaks lovingly. Only when we become pure love we can merge with the higher energy of love, because particles of the same attract.

So our goal in life is to bring love, but everybody has a different task like our own cells in our body have different jobs to do. That is with us exactly the same: we are like cells that form a huge divine body. And we are all important, every little cell.

Unfortunately we were not all stimulated in our lives to follow our talents. Many outside influences like family, friends, school and circumstances form us in our early years. Educators mostly were used to teach children what they thought in their minds what was best for them, but never really followed their hearts in which they let the children do what they felt like doing. The classical example is the talented child that could play the violin beautifully but became a lawyer because then he could provide better money for his own family.

There is nothing wrong with doing a job like that: but you also have to follow your talents and play the violin, because your dharma has something to do with that. Only God knows what that exactly is, but following your talents will eventually give you the insides of your dharma. If you never follow them, you will never know what your life job would have been, than your life has not reached the goal that the higher energy had planned for you. This happens a lot. It is the reason why many of us get a burnout or different types of physical and mental diseases: once we follow our dharma those symptoms disappear and we feel happy and healthy again. This is the way God is guiding us: we just have to learn to listen to those signs.

Dharma is certainly not only playing the violin and do nice things in life and forget the universal dharma: we always have the duty to do the right thing; to help society, to do service for others and to bring love to everybody. That is also part of our dharma, but your personal dharma is deeper, and you can only find out what that is by communicating with the divine energy inside of you (the subconscious, our intuition, the love in our hearts).

It helps to ask yourselves some deep questions like:  ‘Am I living my dharma?’ ‘Is what I am doing right now in line with my talents?’ ‘Does the thing I do makes me feel happy inside? Does it give me energy?’ ‘Is the thing I dedicate my life to, the right thing?’ and ‘Is this what God has had in mind for me?’ With the first step you take on your unique path to your dharma to bring love and do the right thing in life by following your personal talents, you will feel God’s grace and absolute bliss and happiness!

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