Detoxing and loosing weight with fresh ginger!


Drinking two or three times a day hot water with pieces of fresh ginger is not only delicious: it is super healthy! Ginger has great healing qualities and it can even give great benefits while suffering from cancer.

For myself it became an absolute indispensable part of my daily yoga-diet, because it keeps my thyroid in balance. When I cannot take it, my energy-level gets down immediately and I get cold hands and feet. No wonder that in the ancient Ayurveda and Yoga Lifestyle, ginger is seen as a very important medicine.

We can find everything in nature, even the most complicated medicines. Ginger helps with a sore throat, the flu, stomach and bowel problems, nausea, thyroid problems, menstruation problems (takes away menstruation pain!) and it has a strong antibacterial effect. The tea of fresh ginger burns surplus fat and helps the body detoxify vigorously.

If you would like to loose some weight or if you want to start to live the Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle, it would be advisable to clean the body first with a home treatment of eating only raw food for a week, and drinking a lot of water and fresh ginger tea. You’ll see that your body is going to detox big time and all kinds of waste comes out through the skin, lungs, bladder and intestines (which is not always very comfortable). It is like loosing all kinds of toxins that came into the body through all those years of bad eating habits, horrible drinking habits, pollution and chemicals in the air, water and soil.

When you clean the body, the mind will also become brighter, with happier and more beautiful thoughts. This gives an instant feeling of love, inner peace and bliss. That is where the Yoga Lifestyle is all about!

If you would like to see an extended detox program you can read this former blog.

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