IMG_7010.jpgThis lovely Sattvic bowl fits the yoga-diet perfectly.

First prepare some whole grain spelt couscous. In the meanwhile stir-fry cabbage and celery in coconut oil with just a little bit of Himalaya-salt. Grill the falafel with pieces of egg-plant in a grill-pan.

It is very easy to make falafel: just put the pre-boiled chickpeas with flower, salt, cumin powder, chili and fresh parsley in a food processor and make small balls of the mass. Bake them in coconut oil or grill them.

Serve this dish with lime, fresh cucumber and a yoghurt sauce: mix good quality organic yoghurt with vegan mayonaise, green herbs and salt or organic broth-powder. Of course all ingredients within the yoga-diet are organic, but with these you have to be specially careful if they are truly natural without any chemical adds.

This bowl has crispy veggies and raw veggies and lots of vitamins and minerals. It is light, healthy, prana-rich and very nutritious. Bon a petit!

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