Real feminism starts within

Some beautiful and great things are happening in the world concerning feminism and female basic human rights. If you compare this in history’s timeline then we have just started and there is so much more work to do, but it makes me so happy to see all those young female human rights advocates fighting out there to make this world a better place.

Living the anonymous struggle of being a woman in this era

Not every girl, young or older woman is living in circumstances in which they have great role models, or acces to social media and other resources to learn to fight for their basic human rights. Not every girl or woman has the strength to be a ‘fire-fighter’ in the struggle of feminism. They might not be seen in the bigger ‘public’ picture: everything these days is about ‘being seen’ and how to put our beautiful selves in the front. This does not count for every woman, some are just out there working hard every day living the anonymous struggle of being a woman in this era. These women are not worth less. It is the opposite: real feminism starts from within.

What you think you attract

A woman in Afghanistan living oppressed by her husband, can also be a strong and beautiful feminist: it is all about the way you think. What’s inside of you. Energy works very simple: the same energy created inside of ourselves is being attracted outside ourselves too. Particles of the same vibration melt into each other, they merge so to speak. Wayne Dyer once said so beautifully: ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’. So our thoughts can be used as a doorway to freedom.

Nobody can control our thoughts

United female power has the difficult task to reach oppressed and unseen women to help them starting to change the way they think: nobody can control that! Start having strong, positive and loving thoughts about yourself like: ‘I love my self. I am a beautiful and strong woman. All will be work out fine if I just focus on love.’ When energy of good thoughts is inside of us it will actually start to make real changes in our physical world too: what we focus on increases, what we think we attract. So before taking any action, the mind has to change.

Fight darkness with light

Once your thoughts are good, your inner energy changes and your experiences will change too: put your inner self in light and love, and your surroundings will change with you. Unexpected things will happen, because the voice of God, which is pure love, enters your whole being of body, mind and soul. Doing a light meditation by seeing a huge candle light or sunshine inside your heart and spreading this love around you, is the most powerful thing we have in the struggle towards love and freedom. Thinking of how bad our situation is, does not help, it only makes things worse: we cannot fight darkness with darkness. Dark angry thoughts attract more anger and darkness. Only putting a candle light into a dark room, will make the whole room light again.

They can shut our mouths but never our brains

Our thoughts are everything. Our thoughts are ours, nobody can take those away from us. They can shut our mouths, but never our brains. Every girl and every woman in the world, no matter what her circumstances are, should start becoming conscious of her thoughts: if those are strong and loving, she will become strong and loving and in the end her experiences will become strong and loving too.

How many of us are constantly thinking low of ourselves or others? ‘I could never do that’, ‘look what she is wearing’, ‘I hate this pimpel’, ‘I don’t like my face’, ‘she is ruining everything’, ‘I am too fat’, ‘I don’t believe it can happen’… and this goes on and on the whole day.

Our secret feminine weapon

Controlling our thoughts is the first step towards a conscious life. We first have to become aware of our inner world which reflects itself in the outer world. Therefor we need to dive into our own minds. Self reflection is the key to happiness. This might look scary and puts us in an amazingly vulnerable position, but it is our secret feminine weapon: for men who (mostly) have a larger ego, it is more difficult to self reflect. Putting yourself in this ‘so it seemed vulnerable position of self reflection’ is actually a huge strength, because it is the start to become aware of our thoughts, which is necessary for the next step: overcoming our negative thoughts and replace them with good ones. For that process ego has to step aside, and we have to be critical beings to our own lives, thoughts, patterns, actions and overall behavior.

Your ticket to happiness and strength

According to the Bhagavad Gita this self reflecting and replacing process is a straight ticket to happiness! Jnana Yoga is wisdom of our ‘Self’ and Karma Yoga is replacing old negative patterns with new positive ones. That is the real yoga, it is an inner cleaning process to become pure love to be able to merge with love. It brings happiness and puts us in balance: body, mind and soul. Controlling our inner world and discipline our senses always starts with meditation: becoming in between thoughts empties our minds to connect with the higher energy (which is of pure love and happiness). Meditation gives inner peace which leads to inner strength, inner strength is the base for real female power.

We will become the strongest race again

Real feminism starts with the world within us. If every woman in the world would start changing her lowering thoughts to strong and loving ones like: ‘I can do this’, ‘she is a great woman, no matter what she is wearing’, ‘I am beautiful just as I am’, ‘I use my life to help other women’, ‘I am strong and I can overcome anything’, ‘every woman in the world is beautiful and has her own special talents’, ‘we are all together in this’ and ‘God gives his hardest battles to his strongest warriors’, then we will become the strongest race again. We will enter a new era of love and peace: only us loving women are able to do that. We are able to safe humanity by enlightening our inner worlds with love, bliss, joy and happiness. Then we will all be strongly connected with the love inside of our hearts. That is the path of yoga.

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