Vegan bowl with noodles

IMG_6773.jpgThis super healthy and delicious bowl with noodles, fits the yoga-diet perfectly and is made in less than 10 minutes.

All ingredients are organic according to the Sattvic life style. Cook the noodles in water and add the last 2 minutes frozen green peas.

In the meanwhile stir-fry in a wok some fresh pepper and fresh ginger, then add celery and tomato in slices.

After a couple of minutes add the ready-made vegan balls (these have extra iron and vitamine B12, but no chemicals or E’s).

When done, mix all together with some sweet ketjap manis and salty soy sauce: then no herbs are needed. Very soft and natural taste with crispy greens, very Sattvic. Light food gives happy thoughts. Bon a petit!

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