Unexpected surprise after my trip to India: red garden-tomatoes

IMG_6707.jpgThis weekend I came home from a long and beautiful trip to the ashram in India: almost three weeks of  intense meditation, yoga and mantra-chanting. After such a deep Maha Samadhi and a long journey, it is always nice to find lovely surprises at home.

My great neighbor who kept all my plants super-green and more alive than ever, had put some lovely fresh flowers on my table and she kept 2 huge fresh tomatoes of my kitchen garden into the fridge: isn’t that lovely? Now I did not have to go to the shop, because I had enough fresh, natural and prana-rich food in my house from which I made a delicious and simple tomato soup.

IMG_6718.jpgThe art of Sattvic food is to keep it simple with little herbs to feel natural tastes, and not to overcook anything. So for this tomato soup I boiled a little layer of organic veggie broth and added just for 2 minutes the tomato-pieces, with some Himalaya-salt, pepper and parsley. Then for 1 minute I blended the soup with a handmixer into the pan. Tomato has a natural binder in it, so it didn’t need anything else to become a lovely soup which was done in less than 5 minutes and tasted absolutely delicious!

A perfect dinner after a long trip and for keeping the light feeling after such a strong samadhi, that way prana increases to higher levels.


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