Smoothie-bowls fit the yoga-diet perfectly!


A richly filled smoothie-bowl is my favorite raw-food meal of the day. The Sattvic yoga-diet recommends to eat just one cooked meal and one raw-food meal a day. Further more some raw food like fruits, veggies and nuts. This way you fill your energetic system with the needed prana (life giving energy) which is only to be found in nature and its elements. According to Vedic knowledge, we feed ourselves to clean our energetic system and that is only possible with pure, light, natural prana-rich Sattvic food.

A smoothie-bowl is super healthy, because it has a lot of raw fruits, veggies and seeds. It tastes amazing and it is also a good dish to add your daily food supplements. For the yoga-diet it is a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner and because of the extra fruits and seeds it has more bite and it gives a more fulfilled feeling than a regular smoothie.

The smoothie-bowl of the picture, I made with banana, frozen forest fruit, extra blueberries and hazelnut milk. The topping is of apple sprinkled with lemon, blueberries and sesame seeds.

I wish you a great day with good health and light energy!

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