Healthy & fresh Lemon Curd Trifle

The original Lemon Curd Trifle is lovely but has also a lot of sugar and fat in it. So I tried to make a healthy and more Sattvic version of this amazing desert. In these warm summer days this could also be a perfect refreshment instead of tea with cake when you have something to celebrate. And it definitely gives a really good finishing touch to your high tea. IMG_5937.jpg

On the bottom of a glass jar I put a crumbed organic ‘healthy’ biscuit of muesli and spelt with organic raisins. The next layer has just some good unprocessed fresh cottage cheese (the one that tastes like sour cream which is very low in fat and has no sugar). The top layer is of a very good quality organic lemon curd but there are some amazing recipes of vegan lemon curd on the internet to prepare it yourself. When you serve it with fresh fruits like the strawberries, it becomes even more healthy and it makes it lighter with more prana in it.

That should be the goal of everything you eat in the yoga-diet: refreshing your prana so that your inner energy cleanses! With light energy you get light thoughts and those are easier to put aside during yoga and meditation.



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