Lovely quinoa-salad with tofu and garden-veggies

During these amazing sunny days it is always nice to eat a salad for dinner. The Sattvic Lifestyle is simple and light: so this salad definitely fulfills the yoga-diet standards and it tastes delicious!

IMG_5929.jpgFirst you cook the quinoa and let it cool down. Quinoa is one of the lightest forms of grain we can take and it also gives a mild and light feeling after eating it. The trick for nice and tasteful tofu is that you bake it first with the seasoning, this way it absorbs all the nice tastes.

Take a wok or frying pan. First you bake a small fresh pepper in coconut oil, then you add the tofu with Himalaya salt, turmeric, curry, paprika, cardamom and ginger. After stir-frying add some soy sauce and when that is absorbed completely, add the veggies. In this case carrots and zucchini fresh from the garden. Those veggies you can also eat raw, so you don’t have to fry them for very long, just a couple of minutes is enough to maintain their precious prana and to give them a crispy and spicy tasteThis dish becomes even more Sattvic with some raw veggies like tomato and cucumber aside. Serve it with slices of lemon to sprinkle on the plate and some fresh coriander. If you wish you could use a little bit of olive oil as well, but it isn’t really necessary because of all the juicy fresh food. All together it is a nice combination of tastes and herbs with the spicy tofu, fried veggies and fresh and juicy raw food: it does not need anything else, just enjoy the taste of nature.

This lovely dinner was made in a couple of minutes, with all organic fresh and natural ingredients. It is super healthy and has loads of minerals and vitamins, it has almost no fat and contains a lot of our life-giving prana so it supports every practic of yoga and meditation very well: bon apetit and namasté!

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