Jasmine tea for a happy summer mood

The jasmine-flower is very special and used as a wondrous healing herb in Ayurveda. Jasmine has strong antibacterial qualities and it has the possibility to influence our mood. It triggers our sexual mood and it can help with depression. Jasmine is also used when someone has a fungus somewhere on the skin. The flowers smell amazing and they have great taste for tea.

IMG_5916.jpgThe hot summer drink in the picture is made of dried jasmine with a piece of cinnamon, fresh ginger and a slice of lemon. It gives a lovely taste and it brings us in a happy mood. Ginger has strong effect on the thyroids and that also gives positive feelings. It makes us feel energetic and alive. All together this tea detoxes not only our bodies on a physical level, but also on an energetic level, because the cinnamon, ginger and lemon are all very strong energetic cleaners. When we clean the energy (in the mind), our body loses surplus weight and that gives an instant happy feeling. Happiness lightens our soul. So this delicious herb-tea has strong effect on body, mind and soul.

Together with the positive vibe of the light prana-rich jasmine this summer treatment makes us feel amazing from the inside, which will have influence on the outside: it makes us feel young, beautiful and playful!

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