Vegan summer lunch: cold creamy soup and panini with saté-spread

Cold soup is perfect for hot summer days! Though this lovely creamy vegan soup could be served warm as well. You just boil some good organic veggie broth and then you add a nice amount of veggies. This can be any type of veggie, but I used the carrots from my garden, courgette and sweat pepper. Then add some salt, pepper and a little bit rosemary. After 7-9 minutes of cooking when the vegetables are still crunchy (so their prana is maintained) you put the hand-blender into the pan and mix it well. In the end add a good amount of soy cream and taste if it needs any more herbs or salt. When a soup is served cold, it tastes differently and most of the time it needs more salt. Then let it cool down and serve with cherry tomatoes.


The spelt-panini with cucumber and vegan saté-spread is very easy to make. You just mix a couple of spoons of good quality organic peanut butter and then you add soy sauce, sambal or chili sauce and agave syrup. Mix it well and spread over the panini and add the cucumber last. As you can see I used a lot of green: the more raw veggies the better to maintain the Sattvic yoga-diet!

In my case if I eat such a great lunch I take in the evening only a nicely filled smoothie. Every person is different and creates his (or hers) own best yoga-diet-feeding-style which suits the moment of the day best. With the Yoga Lifestyle you learn to listen to your own intuition much better, that way you know perfectly what your system needs and you’ll never over-eat anymore.

With eating light, it is much easier to practice yoga and meditation: you get in between thoughts in a state of samadhi much fasterAnd in that exact moment of silence, is where the connection with your inner light, your intuition and the Source is the strongest.

Bon apetit!

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