Vegan, 5 ingredients, 10 minutes, low-carb, very low-fat and delicious!

IMG_5869.jpgIn summer we are tend to eat less carbohydrates, simply because we need less than in cold winter. This delicious organic dish of cabbage is amazingly light, low in carb and fat, vegan, healthy, super fast and has little ingredients.

First you bake some fresh pepper in coconut oil and then you add tofu or tempeh. In my country they sell a very nice form of tempeh-pieces for stir-frying and in some of them they even add extra iron and vitamine b12: very important for vegans! Though for the Sattvic lifestyle panir would be a better option: tempeh is made of a combination of cooked soy beans with a special fungus. And some vegan alternatives are made of mycoprotein, as well a fungus. It is always better to avoid eating fungus like mushrooms and fungi. Indian Panir is cheese and 100% natural, made of pure milk and therefor a much healthier option according to the yoga-diet. But today I wanted to try a new vegan-low-carb-version for this quick dish.

While stir-frying the tempeh and pepper, you add some soy sauce, salt, paprika and curry. Then you add a nice amount of chopped cabbage and keep on stirring. In the meanwhile you add some more herbs if necessary and some wilde agave syrup to make it a little bit sweater. Keep the veggies crispy and never overcook them: this way the prana will be preserved. In the end it is really nice to add a squeeze of lime and on the plate a good amount of fresh coriander (this one was from my own garden).

If you serve it with some raw-food like cucumber or as seen in the picture with avocado, you have a complete nice Sattvic meal, with a great amount of prana and all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If you have to do heavy physical work or when you practice intensive sports, it is always good to eat carbs like noodles or rice, which fit this dish perfectly. But when you want to watch your weight a little bit, it is better to eat the carbs during the day and in the evening with dinner only light veggies. Everybody is different and unique, so everybody eats to his own taste. With the Sattvic lifestyle you learn to listen better to your intuition that knows what is best for you to eat at each specific moment of the day.

Bon apetit! Namasté.

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