After sadhana: detox tea!

IMG_5846.jpgYour sadhana in the early morning is very important to maintain the Yoga Lifestyle. It keeps you grounded, it connects you with the Higher Energy and your inner light. And above all: it fills your whole system with nice fresh prana to start the day with a loving happy feeling of bliss, patience and inner peace.

After doing severe pranayama, dhyana (deep meditation) and the asanas it is best to activate you digestion system slowly with a nice detox tea, before taking breakfast. A really good advice I got from an Indian yogi, is to drink water with lime before sadhana and after the exercises a nice soft tea. A good breakfast is important too, but first tea. This summer detox tea is light and flushes your whole system physically and energetically. It has Tulsi, fresh ginger, lime and honey. It gives strength, it gives a lot of energy for the whole day, it contains vitamins and is a true antioxidant. Perfect to start your day and to maintain the blissful and light feeling after sadhana!

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