Kitchen garden lessons: carrots

IMG_5813.jpgLook how amazing this carrot came out of my kitchen garden. As you can read in this series about my brand new greening, I get really exited about growing my own food as part of the Sattvic lifestyle and yoga-diet, thought it is hard. I have to learn everything from scratch, because at some point in my life I’ve lost this beautiful knowledge of Mother Nature.

Did you know that we carry all science within us? God is not only omnipresent, he is also omniscient. And our soul is God. We are God’s body of energy. So when we are born we have this knowledge within us, but our mind disconnects from this information by thinking it is our ego-self who we truly are. And then we loose a lot of important information: we think that a ‘regular’ person can never know everything. That puts walls in our extended life cognition. Though we still have our instincts. When we are connected to intuition, when we are in tune with our soul energy, we can get back to all this amazing information. Bit by bit we get more connected to nature again.

IMG_5325.jpgSo this way, connected to my intuition (and the internet) I started my own kitchen garden and I am learning every single day. As you can see this carrot came out with a beautiful color and tastes amazing, though it’s form is.. what can we say.. not perfect. This is because the vessel which I filled with good organic potting soil is not deep enough for long and straight carrots. If carrots have no space down, they grow to the sides with different branches. The fact is, they get water, they get food from the soil, they get sunshine and air, so they keep on growing anyways: so if it is not down, they go to the sides. The prana of the elements is letting them grow to feed us unconditionally. Isn’t that an amazing wonder by nature?

It feels like a life lesson as well: if we can’t go one way, we just have to go the other way, because creation is perfect. If one door closes, another (better) one opens. We just have to be flexible in our minds and keep our inner peace and love in our hearts, then everything will be okay. These carrots with branches aren’t the most pretty ones, but they definitely taste much better that the deep ones: being a flexible compliant human being makes us more beautiful from the inside as well. Nature and us, we are strongly connected.


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