A healthy planet with the yoga lifestyle

What does yoga have to do with our nature and the environment? Well, it’s everything actually. The healthy Yoga Lifestyle with Sattvic food and good habits is always in balance with our own true nature, but also our natural surroundings.

Living this austere lifestyle brings you closer to your own intuition or better to say: your soul-energy of love. With strong instincts you’ll feel eventually not only what is best for yourself, but also for the people around you and our Mother Nature.

IMG_5111.jpgEating Sattvic food gives us light thoughts which are easier to control to become in between thoughts in a state of samadhi during meditation. In that exact moment lies the contact with soul, intuition and the Higher Energy. Sattvic food is healthy for body, mind and soul, but also for the environment, because it is all organic, natural, fresh and NonGMO. It’s a lifestyle with no chemicals or pesticides. Everything you eat, you prepare yourself and best is to get your vegetables and fruits from your own garden or a local farmer. This way we safe energy of transporting and processing food.

The lifestyle is vegetarian: that is of course much better for our health, our weight, our wallet and also nature. Eating meat gives more pollution than any car! All products that are damaging the environment, we try to avoid with this conscious lifestyle.

We also learn that everything exist of energy, and energy is not ours. The all binding energy of the smallest particles is that of love or God. We learn that our live-giving energy (soul) is an eternal part of God’s universal body. If so, than we will always treat everything alive with care and love, even the energy we borrow from our food.

IMG_5808.jpgVeggies and fruits fill themselves with prana of the elements, which is this live-giving divine energy. We eat them to stay alive in this body. It is precious, priceless and beautiful. When we realize this, we treat every plant, every insect, every animal with love, because we understand that they are part of God’s divine body as well. This is called ahimsa. With this value we learn that we have to give back this loving energy we eat, by good actions out of love for others and nature. All is borrowed and we have to compensate with loving actions. Love has to flow.

First there was Prana-Shakti, the live giving divine energy, then the elements came, then earth was formed, then life on earth existed, then at last humans came. The elements are ‘God’ in a purer form than us, so they have more of the live-giving divine energy. Like plants, we can also recharge our live-giving energy of prana with the elements: with the sunshine on our skin for vitamins and strength, drinking water to refill and clean our system and breathing pure fresh air which transmits the prana straight into our blood circulation. The prana of earth we can only absorb by eating her fruits and veggies, so we have to eat them as fresh and pure as possible to get her live-giving energy as well.

Prana is love. Prana gives us life. And prana is to be found in the water, the air, the ether, fire and earth. That makes those all pure love. We have to treat them with love. All life is sustained by the elements, without their love life is not possible.

With yoga we open our hearts to be able to see en feel all this loving energy. We learn to open our eyes for divine love. When we feel love we can give it away too. We will treat others and nature with all the love we can, because everything is love, everything is God.

If everybody in the whole world would start living a Yoga Lifestyle this instant, we could heal ourselves and our planet: everything is connected with the flow of love. 



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