With yoga to World Peace #4thYogaDay

Yoga is an art to open the heart. With yoga we become loving persons. With yoga we destroy our ego and this way we start thinking of ‘we’ instead of ‘me’. Why is that? We open our hearts for love. Our soul is love. Pure unconditional love. With yoga we connect with our souls through loving actions. Our soul is who we truly are. We become our true authentic selves when we open our hearts. Only then we can feel love, we can see love, we can think love and we can act out of love. That is because we understand that everything is love. We understand that our own soul is not that different from the one of our neighbors or even our enemies: everybody is love. Every soul is of love. And all love is connected.

With yoga we become love to be able to merge with love: then we become part of our universal body of love or the Higher Energy (some like to call this God). That is only possible when we become pure, selfless unconditional love (like God), because only particles of the same vibration can attract. This is called moksha and is our secret goal of life, our forgotten universal dharma.

When we have dark energy inside of us, like of fear, anger, egoism, materialism, hatred, jalousie or attachment, we attract more of that from our surroundings. Dark energy will have like a fishhook to attach to the person who has these negative patterns and thoughts.

With the inner cleaning process of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga we get rid of all negative thoughts, emotions, patterns and habits, so that our energetic bodies become pure light. When we are pure love, we attract love. When our thoughts are blissful, our experiences and surroundings become so too. That is yoga: understanding the energy of love and bliss.

If every human being understands this basic principle of life ‘sathya or truth’ we become one people of peace, love and unity. We become aware of the fact that we are one body of loving souls in different physical bodies. We become human beings with inner peace, because of the complete absence of desire: we understand that we do not act, it is the universal body of love. Without ego-self-thinking we wish the best for all, not just for ourselves, because we are one. The only wish we’ll have is that everybody is happy: samastha lokah sukhino bhavantu. Then we will reach world peace. The only thing we have to do for that, is to start the process of yoga to open our hearts and reach balance between body, mind and soul. Just that.


Ps: here you can listen to a beautiful version of the mantra samastha lokah sukhino bhavantu of my dear friend Dhroeh Nankoe and Padma Shri Anup Jalota.

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