9 tips for a perfect yoga-diet: one raw-food meal a day

Many people struggle with overweight these days. Over 30% of our world population suffers from obesity. Mostly because of eating too much meat and drinking alcohol: the secret truth behind overweight. And of most things we eat, we don’t know that it contains a lot of sugar and unhealthy fats. The Yoga Lifestyle with Sattvic food is always natural, fresh, organic, nonGMO, vegetarian and a lot of raw fruits and veggies: this way you know what is in your food, because you prepare everything yourself with healthy and good organic ingredients.

If you permanently change your way of eating the Sattvic way, you will never have to diet anymore. Your weight will become stable and healthy. Yogi’s recommend to eat only one cooked meal a day and the rest of the meals should be fresh, natural, raw food (containing a lot of the life-giving energy prana). Since that would be a huge change for many of us, you could start with some small changes in your diet. You could start with drinking a lot of water and replacing one meal with raw fruits and vegetables for example.

Here are 9 ways to change your lifestyle towards the Sattvic yoga-diet and your best and most healthy weight:


  1. Replace one meal for raw food like fruits and veggies
  2. Eat vegetarian with milk products (no meat or fish, no alcohol, no drugs, no sigs)
  3. Drink at least 6 glasses of water each day
  4. Drink hot water with fresh lime in the morning on an empty stomach
  5. Drink tea with fresh ginger during the day
  6. Bake your food in coconut oil, this breaks down body-fats
  7. Stop snacking, drink smoothies or eat raw-food snacks or nuts and dried fruits instead
  8. Eat your biggest meal during the day and don’t eat after 8 in the evening
  9. Replace all sugar with better substitutes like honey or agave.

After every meal it is good to walk or have some kind of exercise. All together, the Yoga-diet will give you light and happy feelings, since food has energy which influences our thoughts that are of energy too. Everything is connected. With Sattvic food you will loose physical weight, but also energetically: you will feel literally lighter and happier. Perfect to come in between thoughts during meditation and to do your asanas and pranayama. Above all, you will become super healthy and live a more blissful life.

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