My kitchen garden is exploding!

After 3,5 months my kitchen garden is literally exploding! Every day I can eat some veggies like lettuce, carrots, endive or potatoes and some nice herbs like fresh coriander and mint for tea… from my own garden! Can you imagine? I never expected it to be this fruitful. And speaking of fruits: the strawberries are lovely too!


Of course I was writing about this part of the yoga lifestyle and being one with nature in our books and blog, but feeling and experiencing this myself is so amazing! When you buy fresh fruits and veggies in the shop, it has already lost so much prana: the fresher the food, the more prana, the better for your health. And I must say that I feel much better: I have a lot more energy and some old health problems are also disappearing… I think this has a lot to do with the healthy fresh food from my garden.

Food carries energy, also from the people that has touched it during the harvesting and transporting process: my own food has only a lot of my own love and zen-energy in it. I live on the countryside with good air, a lot of sunshine and no distractions (of energy). And all this I can feel now in my own energy, because of eating these fresh organic fruits, veggies and herbs.

According to Sattvic Yoga Knowledge our food carries an energy that determines our thoughts and those are the base of our actions… good, fresh, light and prana-rich food is very important! Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine said that we can heal with healthy food and being outside in the elements…. gardening, eating this fresh and healthy, made me a different person! More light, happier and blissful.

I can recommend everybody to start a kitchen garden. The light of our Mother Nature comes straight into your beautiful energy of love.


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