Foamy & creamy Ice-tea for hot summer days

IMG_5314.jpgToday in this warm & sunny weather I felt like drinking something creamy and cold. I drink a lot of water and smoothies, but some tea once in while can really give me a mindful moment: a nice break during writing. But today it is too warm for hot tea, so I thought of something else: foamy & creamy Ice-tea. I just put some hazelnut milk in my milk frother or foamer. Luckely for me, it also has a button for cold drinks too. Then I added some matcha-powder and organic honey. It was the first time to use the milk frother for cold drinks, but it worked perfectly! A lovely refreshment came out quickly. You could use ice cubes in it, but for me this was cold enough. The Sattvic food-lifestyle recommends not to take drinks too cold, that is not good for our system, it gets cramps so the speak and this creates stress. Better to drink it fresh, cold, but not icy.

You could also use some organic & fairtrade cacao instead of the matcha, then you’ll have a very healthy cold, creamy and foamy chocolate drink. During my research for our books, I discovered that chocolate can fit the yoga-diet. Some say that it is not Sattvic, but when the cacao is pure, organic and fairtrade you can use it very well for cooking. It is the sugar, butter and cream in chocolate bars that you have to avoid, but that makes sense of course. The combination with the hazelnut, honey and chocolate in this drink will amaze you: it has great, natural, home-made and sweat taste.

Enjoy 😉

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