Mindful living: Fresh summer tea with mint, ginger and a surprise!

This super sweat tea is a lovely summer refreshment. It has fresh mint with strawberry taste from my own kitchen garden, fresh ginger, honey and a date is swimming around in this tea: that is the secret, healthy snack-gift that comes with this amazing refreshment! The date fills itself with the nice ginger-taste and is a beautiful richness for the tongue.


Like this, you can make every tea moment in your life a special one. Enjoy every single minute of your life to become mindful and conscious. This will help you become in between thoughts (samadhi) during meditation even faster.

If you choose to have a busy life and just meditate some certain moments of the day: it will help you big time. But if you really change your lifestyle into a mindful one, with light Sattvic food and loving thoughts, meditation has a chance to go deeper and deeper and reach the point of dhyana, deep meditation. Only then, you are on your way to moksha. Then, meditation never stops…

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