It’s harvest time!

IMG_5120.jpgCan you imagine that these beautiful green endive leaves came from my 3 month old kitchen garden? What an amazing wonder from our Mother Nature! This is my first yard and I have very little experience gardening so when I can do this: you can do this too! It safes money, it’s organic, it’s fun, it’s perfect to be close to nature and the elements, it’s good for the environment saving transport, it tastes amazing and because the greens come straight from the land they contain a lot of prana, our life-giving energy that is completely responsible for our good health. Cutting the leaves I heard the cracks of freshness: that way you can notice the prana present in the plant.


In my next blog you can read what dish I’ve made of this beautiful endive. The one on the picture I gave to my mother (she got the first one as a late mothers day gift ;). It is so much fun to give these nice veggies away: you actually give a lot of Gods fresh energy (which is prana) to your loving friends and family. Love in the form of food is very nurturing and has great energy!

I will keep you posted about my new hobby: this is so much more fun than I thought it would be. It feels like getting to know our own mother earth a little bit better. In ancient  Vedic texts our beloved mother Parvati stands for Mother Nature and she stands for prana as in Prana Shakti, the live giving force. With her it all started. It is her energy that is behind this beautiful organic factory that is making my lovely fresh green organic dinners every day! The whole Sattvic lifestyle and the yoga-diet are based on this principle of refreshing our prana with natural fresh food and being in balance with nature and the elements (which are a great source of prana, plants also built up their prana with the 5 elements)… then we are balanced with our true inner self, our soul energy, love or God, which is Prana Shakti

In the last picture you see what happened when I put some old potatoes in the ground: big green leaves! I might have some green hands after all…. In june I can start harvesting those and I will show you the result of course.

Happy gardening!IMG_5095.jpg




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