From harvest to plate: green endive

The first dinner of the first harvest of my beautiful kitchen garden: raw green endive stew. This recipe is very Sattvic and fits the yoga-diet very well, because the veggies are raw and then all prana is preserved. It’s in balance with nature. Organic. Superfresh, so it contains a lot more prana then veggies from the shop. It is simple with little ingredients and few herbs. And it was made with good energy.

First you cook some potatoes with peel. When those are done you make a nice puree with butter, milk, salt and pepper. I used hazelnut milk and vegans could replace the butter with some coconut oil. Then you add the green leaves cut in small peaces and continue mashing them into the potatoes. Don’t forget to wash the endive very well first, it comes straight from the garden after all. For this plate I used only 4 potatoes and a whole crop or craw of endive (which you can see on the first picture below). So this dish has a lot of green in it. Finish it with some pealed hemp seeds and raisins and your healthy dinner is complete. Bon a petit!




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