My veggie garden just one month later!

IMG_5003.jpgKeeping you posted about my new kitchen garden. Can you imagine that this picture is taken one month later? I can eat fresh lettuce and green endive for weeks now! Part of the Yoga Lifestyle is to be in balance with nature, and I must say that your own veggie garden really helps to reach that goal. Every day I have to water the garden en take good care of my veggies and herbs. This way I am very sure that everything gets the right energy and love, which is a very important aspect of the Sattvic Lifestyle.

Organic gardening is not easy, but once you start you’ll just learn it on the way. I am definitely not an expert, but it feels very good to have reached the point that I can actually eat something from my own garden now. And also the flowers give such a pleasure and good vibe every day. Gardening feels like being one with nature, it feels like a meditation, because the closer we get to nature, the closer we get to our true nature of love. Our soul energy, our true self. It feels like being in perfect samadhi, which we try to reach by being in between thoughts during meditation. Gardening gives that same intense feeling of bliss.


Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine did say that we can heal with good healthy fresh food and by being in nature close to the elements. He was supporting the perfect Yoga Sattvic Lifestyle with his inventions: according to ancient Vedic knowledge, we can recharge our life-giving energy prana by eating a lot of fresh food straight from nature, from the elements and of course meditation, asanas and pranayama. Prana is the energy that has to flow fluently through our chakras, which on their terms are linked to every organ and physical system: prana is the energy that keeps us fit.

The Yoga Lifestyle is a straight ticket to a good mental and physical health. Every day I am discovering more and more benefits from it, I hope you do too.
Happy gardening!

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