Become zen with your own kitchen garden

IMG_4820.jpgThis is the perfect moment to start your own kitchen garden. Growing your own food is the best organic Sattvic lifestyle in which you bring up your own fruits and veggies with the right amount of love and care. This will give your food good energy and you’ll have total control over the whole process from sowing to harvesting. It is also a perfect way to be close to nature and to understand our Mother a little bit better. Of course I let everything grow organic without any pesticides and NonGMO, but it is always good to give some extra food to our plants. It all depends on the area you live in, on the type of ground and climate.

In my small garden for example there are a lot of snails, and with all these beautiful green leaves, I had to come up with a good organic solution to keep them from my green endive and lettuce. Your local gardening-shops can give you good advice how to plant your own responsible fruits and veggies. And with the internet we can learn so much about every plant and how to help them grow best.


It is definitely a learning process. In the beginning something will go wrong, like when my baby courgette-plant (that was grown from a small seed in a pot inside my house for weeks) was eaten by snails and instantly died. And did you know that strawberries are from a usury plant? So you have to put those in pots, otherwise your whole garden will be covered with strawberries in a few years from now. All this knowledge I did not have: I think that we all seem to have forgotten about nature, because we get our food manufactured. Our deeper connection with nature has lost and getting it back gives instant fulfillment.

I recently started myself with this amazing hobby and I must say: I still have so much to learn, but once you get the hang of it, gardening becomes great fun! Can you imagine how the world would look like if everybody would have the possibility to have a kitchen garden? We would all eat so healthy and we would never depend on the food industry which puts making money over our good health. We will safe so much trouble, money and the environment if we would not have to transport our food.

Besides that, gardening makes us go outside and be in the elements each and every day: so while gardening you bring up your own prana energy-level as well as from the plants, and you’ll feel happier and healthier. It is a way to learn to enjoy the moment even better. It is like mindfulness or meditation: you’ll become in between thoughts in a state of samadhi much more easily during and after gardening. Have fun!




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