Carrot-orange smoothie for a happy mind

Our food determines our thoughts. Thoughts create emotions and they are the base of our actions. According to the Sattvic lifestyle (or yoga-diet) it is very important to watch carefully what we eat. This smoothie is very light for our thoughts and that causes happy feelings. Because of its lightness it is also a perfect starter for the day, especially when you want to do some exercises or asanas.

Just blend an orange and a carrot with some fresh water and finish with a touch of cinnamon. If you like it sweat, you could use some honey or wild agave. The cinnamon gives not only a lovely taste, it helps the detoxing effect of the combination of vitamine C and betacarotene. Detoxing the body, means that you are also detoxing the mind: it will be cleaned from negative thoughts which makes automatically place for loving and cheerful ones. This smoothie is a not only good for happy thoughts, it is a perfect antioxidant for the body, it keeps you young, healthy and gives a lot of energy! A treat for body, mind and soul!

Bon apetit!

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