Wonderful spiritual Indian music with a western touch

Indian singer and composer Dhroeh Nankoe, co-author of our upcoming book ‘Yoga-energizers For Children’, is going to indulge us with some very special yoga music.

In a unique cooperation with Buddha Building, he created a beautiful new sound of Indian classical music with a western touch. The songs are specially created for Spiritual Dance like we describe in our book, which will transform you into a trance of free movement by letting go of daily stress and worries.

Dancing is a very important part of yoga practice. Our beloved Shiva, the God who created yoga, was connecting and communicating with his devotees through pure music and cosmic dance. With a dance posture sustained by the right sound, you create an energy that connects you with divinity which is shared with your surroundings and absorbed by the persons around you.

If you can let go all your boundaries of shame, thoughts of insecurity and the busy monkey mind during this spiritual cosmic dancing, you are able to dive into a very deep samadhi (meditative state) during meditation afterwards. You shed off maya (earthly matters) to connect with the greater divine energy of bliss.

Buying our book you will receive two of Dhroeh’s songs for free and here is a special gift for you so that you can start dancing right away with this wonderful spiritual music of joy and happiness!

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