The healing power of celery

Celery-sticks have an amazing healing power. Every veggie or fruit has its own special feature from Mother Nature to help us live a healthy lifestyle. The Sattvic philosophy helps us analyzing every wondrous gift we get from nature. Like we’ve seen before in blogs about the health benefits of eating green-leave vegetables, celery has every quality we want for our precious bodies. It has a very rare combination of green or chlorophyll with vitamine C and a very high amount of prana (life giving energy). The crispier the veggie or fruit, the more prana it has. These qualities together give celery a strong detoxing effect: it can heal us from any type of disease and it helps us getting rid of what needs to be drained, even superfluous body-fat.

With its strong anti oxidant effect celery can help us healing from cancer and heart failure. It lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol. Further more, eating celery helps our muscles to relax and it can lower pain. It is a great anti inflammatory and it has anti bacterial properties. It helps with the flu and it has even good effect on our skin which makes it look younger. Celery also contains a lot of vitamine K and B and the minerals potassium and calcium. This makes these lovely green sticks irreplaceable for our healthy Yoga Lifestyle. Best thing is to eat them raw or very shortly cooked, this way the precious prana will not be lost.

If you are living a Sattvic lifestyle, it is very good to know a little bit of the effect of different fruits and veggies. That way it is easier to analyse your own needs. For example, you’ve been training very hard in the gym or you just had an important sports match, your muscles can feel sore the day after. If you feel like eating a lot of bananas or celery, it means that your body needs some of the important natural ingredients of these plants. When you feel like eating celery your body needs to recover with extra antioxidants, a lot of fresh energy and it seeks healing and strength for the muscles. Intuitively you choose the food that fits you best on every moment of each different day. Our intuition is linked with nature, actually we are nature, so subconsciously we know best what is good for us. That makes the Sattvic lifestyle very unique for every person.


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