Time is really up when we change the way we educate our children

For our soul and the Higher Energy ‘gender’ does not exist. The pure energy of our soul is love. The soul does not know status or race. All gender roles are interpretations of the human mind. And the mind is just a bundle of thoughts. And thoughts can be changed. Thoughts create our experiences. What’s on the inside reflects itself on the outside.

We teach our small girls when they are 2 or 3 years old that it is okay to cry, they can be sweat and loving, we give them dolls to play with, they can be vulnerable, they can dress girly with skirts and tops and they may even dress up like their mums with high heals and make up on. When boys are of that age we give them cars to play with, we teach them to be strong, harsh and not to cry: they need to be ready for the big job of becoming a man. They can fight and fathers teach them physically to make them strong for the outside world.

Quantum physics and old Vedic Science are teaching us, that thoughts are energy. Energy from the inside attracts the same energy from the outside. Thoughts create experiences. Basically we are teaching our children from a very small age, that girls can be vulnerable. So they become vulnerable. We teach our boys to be harsh and strong. So they become harsh and strong.

We do this ourselves. Because when we would really look at our children and let them play freely, we would be able to see that boys also want to polish their nails and dress up with skirts. And girls also want to put on a fake mustache and fight physically with their dads. Why is that? That is because these little children just come from Source. And for our Source, the Higher Energy which is the all bounding energy of love, everything exists of this energy of love, even our souls: gender does not exist. In terms of love, there are no differences only unity. Everything around us is just temporarily: we never take our money, cars, names or even gender with us to the other side. The only thing we take with us is our soul-energy which is love. So love is the only truth and the only everlasting ‘thing’ that exists. All the other stuff is made up by our minds of thoughts.

If we would really look at our children and the way they are from the inside, and let them be who they are, their inner light will shine. Then they can learn to love themselves just the way they are. Then they are in line with their soul-energy, because that is love. That is their light. That is who they truly are. That makes them really strong, because they will be in line with love, Source or the Higher Energy and that is the strongest energy there is. It is the only thing that really exists.

Let our children be themselves without stigma’s and the problem with harassment will disappear in one generation. If a girl knows she can be as strong as a man, she will not become a victim: she will stand up and fight. What’s inside of her, reflects on the outside and determines her experiences. If a boy knows he can also be vulnerable and he doesn’t have to live up to high expectations to become a strong and harsh man, if he knows he can be his true self, namely love, he will be in tune with his soul energy of love. He will not assault, but he will learn what unconditional love is. He will learn to love himself just the way he is from the inside. He will not be frustrated but he will be loving.

When we let our children be who they truly are, many problems will be solved. They will find inner peace, which leads to outer peace. Every victim, every perpetrator has been a child and received some sort of education. In our houses and schools we have to start early to tackle this problem. We can punish all these horrible harassing men at this moment, and shout ‘Times up!’, but if we don’t start to change the way we educate our children, we are in an everlasting fight. If we really want to solve this problem deeply, we have to start changing our children’s education drastically. Like Wayne Dyer said: ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’. Time is really up when we change the energy of thoughts and deep convictions we give our children in early childhood.


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