Herb tea as your best home remedy

IMG_3441.jpgThe most efficient remedies we mostly have in our own kitchen. We think we might need something chemical when we are not feeling well, but this is not the case. Every medicine is a chemical replica of something effective found in nature. So basically we could heal ourselves completely with nature. This is also part of the Yoga Lifestyle. Sattvic means that your food is always natural, and that includes medicines too. You just have to know what to use. And mostly we can feel this intuitively: if you are attracted to spinach, you might have your period soon (as for lady readers) because of the extra iron needed. Like this, you can also choose the herbs for your tea with your intuition: the thing that first occurs to you will fit you best that specific day.

In between all the blogs there has been some advice for herb tea, but today’s is very special: it has some unexpected ingredients:

  1. fresh fennel
  2. a cinnamon stick
  3. fresh ginger
  4. 2 pieces of mandarin-peal
  5. honey

Just put all ingredients in a large cup and then fill it with boiling water. While drinking it, you can give yourself a water refill regularly: you can use the herbs of this tea for 3 or 4 cups. The taste gets better the longer the herbs soak in the water.

This herb tea has a lovely soft taste, but a strong effect. It helps the digestive process, it cleans and heals intestines, it takes menstruation pain away, it is very good to lower fever, it helps opening our airways and lungs, it is good for our skin, it gives strength during the flue, it is good for hormonal balance and thyroids, it helps with cough and a sore throat, it is a strong anti-inflammatory and it has a very strong detox effect. If we would like it or not: chemicals are always entering our bodies with the air we are breathing and the food we are eating, specially when you are not eating organic and fresh. With this tea you can take out all the toxics easily. And last but not least: it burns unnecessary body-fat. So this tea is perfect to drink when you want to loose some weight.

If you analyze this tea with the Sattvic lifestyle in mind, you can say it makes you lighter: physically and energetically. Food influences thoughts, so we might feel happier and more blissful while drinking this tea! It helps to get in between thoughts much easier (the lighter the thoughts the easier it becomes to put them aside), the goal of every yoga practice: in that space of nothing-ness and relaxation lies the connection with our true inner soul-self and the Higher Energy.

I wish you a happy day!

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