Food can influence our DNA

What’s already known for many years in Vedic science, the practice of yoga and Ayurveda is also scientifically proven: we can heal our body and mind with food. Like Hippocrates founder of modern medicine once said: ‘Our food should be our medicine, our medicine our food‘. Due to thorough scientific research (epigenetics) we know now that food can influence our DNA. That might not seem such an important fact, but some diseases come from our genes and is part of the patterns of our DNA. If you can change these patterns, you can also take out illness. That is very important information that could change healthcare for good.

With healthy food and a low stress level, we can influence the ends of the chromosomes in our cells. Those ends protect our genetic information and they become stronger and healthier with the right lifestyle. It seems that we can even slow down the aging process this way. They also found in research that with the right healthy food, DNA behaves differently: the genetic information that they store is directly influenced by what we eat. Knowing this, means that we should be able to heal with food.

The Yoga Lifestyle is perfect to positively influence our genetics permanently: with meditation and asanas we can scientifically proven reduce stress. And a low stress level is very important for healthy genes. Research even shows that we pass through that positive influence to our children! With Sattvic food, a great part of the Yoga Lifestyle, we eat fresh, organic, natural and healthy. Sattvic food is light and gives also light thoughts which are easier to put aside to become in between thoughts: that is where absolute relaxation exists. Every yoga practice is focussed to become in this beautiful state of rest, which is called samadhi. In our busy days finding inner peace is extremely hard, but yoga can help.

There is more and more scientific evidence these days, that helps us understand the ancient Yoga Science of over 5000 years old. How could they know then, what we’ve recently discovered by very advanced medical research? It becomes more mystic and mysterious to find out how yogi’s of that era could have known all this information that can serve us these days to help find healing from all those inexplicable and incurable diseases.

It all starts with our food, like Hippocratis found in his theory and as the Veda’s described many ages before that era. Eating healthy and inner peace are of vital importance these days, and it seems that yogi’s have known this for over 10.000 years. Some of the information they only pass through by holy sacred mantras and is not even written, but these mantras could safe humanity from the health crisis we are in right now. Read more about that in ‘The Yoga Lifestyle to heal humanity from cancer’.



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