Warm winter smoothie

Drinking cold smoothies makes us sometimes feel even colder these winter days, but smoothies are an important part of the Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle. A solution is to add some fresh ginger to your smoothie; this warms you from the inside.

IMG_3365.jpgAnother possibility is to drink a warm smoothie. The one in the picture came out delicious! It has banana, raisins, a lot of cinnamon, a little bit of cardamom, honey and warm hazelnut milk. Instead of the raisins, you could use dates as well, but then it will come out very sweat and I would leave out the honey.

So basically you do not much different than with a regular smoothie, you just heat the milk or water that you add. This is not for every type of smoothie, but for example with apple and pear this would be very tasteful: every type of fruit that you can serve warm is certainly suitable to make a warm smoothie with. I wish you a happy day!


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