Delicious Quinoa-pumpkin burger with only 5 ingredients

It is not always necessary to eat a vegetarian alternative: if we just eat enough green for iron and nuts and dairy for vitamin B and calcium, we get enough nutrition for the day. Though I love to make something like a veggie burger: the taste is always nice and it adds something exclusive to your meal. This Quinoa-pumpkin burger came out IMG_3392.jpgdelicious: the taste is lovely, but they were a little bit too fluffy, that makes them hard to bake. Making light and Sattvic veggie burgers is not easy, so in this blog I give you some advice.

First I explain what I did to make these lovely pumpkin burgers with only 5 ingredients. Wash and cook the quinoa. Cook in another pan a small butter pumpkin in pieces. Take out the seeds first and brush it. When it is a butter pumpkin you can leave the skin on: this gives the burger a very nice bite. When done, make a purée of the pumpkin, with a small amount of soy cream. Add some of the pumpkin purée to the quinoa and add Himalaya salt, red chili pepper and a lot of fresh coriander. Then add some grated cheese. Let the mixture cool down for a bit. Then you can either choose to make a small form of a ball with your hands, or you can just put some of the mixture in a hot frying pan with some coconut oil. While baking them you can make a nice form as well (this is what I did). Bake them in 10 to 15 minutes nice and brown.


I created this recipe inspired by the Llapingachos from Ecuador: baked mashed potatoes with carrot and herbs. I wanted to make them healthier and lighter, the Sattvic way. So I replaced the potato for pumpkin, but the potato comes with a natural binder and the pumpkin hasn’t: that is why they were a little bit too soft, which made them difficult to bake. It is always a beautiful experience to try different things in the kitchen to make dishes Sattvic, and this comes with trial and error.

What you can do to make them a little bit less fluffy is to add some flower or oatmeal flakes to the mixture. If you eat egg, this would also help, but only with a good amount of flower. You could also replace some of the pumpkin with potato. Just try yourself and see what comes out: make it a beautiful cooking practice and learn from it. Though I must say that these burgers came out light, healthy and with a delicious taste: they were perfect for me. Best thing is to find out yourself what fits you best and in the meanwhile enjoy yourself during the process! Bon apetit!



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