Salad for cold days with avocado, roasted courgette, ginger & pepper


A lovely Sattvic salad for these cold winter days: purslane, tomato and avocado with roasted courgette, ginger and sweat pepper. You can serve it either warm or cold. The ginger in combination with the purslane and pepper will make you feel all warm inside. Together with a cup of hot fresh ginger tea with cinnamon and honey, this will make your grey saturday a happy one. When you eat healthy, with natural food which contains a lot of prana, you will feel blissful from the inside and you don’t need external resources to feel good.

All ingredients are organic, fresh and washed. Roast some nice thin slices of fresh ginger in a frying pan (without oil). If you don’t like the strong taste of ginger, you might want to just chop them in fine pieces. Add slices of sweat pepper and courgette and fry them nice and brown, but still crispy from the inside. In the meanwhile you can put the purslane, tomato and avocado on a plate. When the roasted veggies are done, you can let them cool down a little bit and in the meanwhile you can make the dressing. Take some yoghurt or cottage cheese with mayonnaise (if you like to eat the salad vegan, you could use soy yoghurt and vegan mayonnaise) with a squeeze of lemon juice, Himalaya salt, pepper and the secret ingredients: chlorella and spirulina! These algae are extremely healthy: together they detox and strengthen your whole system of body, mind and soul. If you use a small amount of them, it has a rich and nice taste too.

A super light and healthy lunch (or dinner) which fits the Yoga Lifestyle perfectly! Enjoy your day!


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