Quinoa and zucchini with purslane & coriander dressing


Every recipe on Yoga Lifestyle comes with a Sattvic-learning-element. This lovely meal with quinoa and zucchini-curry and purslane salad with cottage cheese-coriander dressing is a typical Sattvic dinner: it is vegetarian with dairy products, super light, with a lot of green, organic, and the season veggies are still crispy so the prana energy is preserved. Quinoa is light and healthy: it is very nutritious and contains proteins, fiber and minerals, but does not contain gluten, so it fits the Sattvic lifestyle perfectly.

Today’s dish was done in 15 minutes and very easy to prepare. Wash and then cook the quinoa. In the meantime bake one sliced red chili pepper with fresh ginger in coconut oil. If you don’t like your dinner too spicy, it would be better take out the seeds of the pepper. Then add some pieces of sweat pepper and zucchini, and a small amount of garam masala with kurkuma and Himalaya salt. Add a little bit of water if it becomes to dry. Make sure that the courgette is still crunchy and not overdone. Then add the cooked quinoa and stir fry everything for a couple of minutes. Serve with a nice portion of purslane salad and finish with a dressing of cottage cheese or sour cream, mixed with Himalaya salt and fresh coriander.

Vegans could replace the cottage cheese for some soy yoghurt, that would be a good alternative which still gives this lovely fresh taste in combination with the coriander. Did you know that coriander or cilantro is used in many countries as a strong medicine? It helps our digestive system, it is good for headaches and feelings of anxiety. It is a strong antioxidant: it contains a lot of chlorophyll and it has a lot of iron in combination with vitamin C, which makes it perfect to detox our bodies of all kinds of toxins that enter with the air or with our food. And during the time I was living with Mayan women in Central America, they taught me that they have been using cilantro with avocado as a strong contraceptive for many generations! Can you imagine?

That is why you always have to cook intuitively: every fruit, veggie, herb or nut has its own beautiful natural healing effect on body, mind and soul. With the Sattvic lifestyle we learn to read our day by day personal needs, by connecting with our inner self.

All products of this delicious dish are natural and fresh, even the cottage cheese is a very pure and beautiful form of dairy. Good energy and good vibes of the products make half the dinner, because the prana energy increases. Therefor it is always important to take notice of the place where your products come from and prepare them with good feelings. Conscious eating is a great part of the Yoga Lifestyle.

Bon apetit & be happy!

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