Amazing health benefits of water with lime

Warm water with fresh lime or lemon is a common used medicine in Ayurveda. It has amazing health benefits. First of all, it detoxes the body from basically everything that doesn’t belong in it; like the pesticides on fruits and vegetables, chemicals in manufactured food and the pollution in the air.

Second, it helps creating stronger defense and it cleans our lymphatic system. It is a strong antioxidant because of a large amount of vitamin C and it makes you look younger. It helps getting over the flue and it benefits all kinds of illness like diabetes, heart disease, urinary infection, asthma and cancer. It is good for the skin, it helps loosing weight and it works well with constipation.

Water with lime is very important in our Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle, not only because it is healthy and light, also because it contains a lot of prana. Because of that, with one glass our whole system is filled and content. If you are hungry, you can best drink water with lime first and then wait for a while to see what happens: the hungry feeling disappears completely. It is a quick and strong energy booster, that is why it is often used to replace coffee (which is a heavy food and very rajasic) and during sportive activities.

This makes water with lime a very important natural medicine for everybody who wants to start the Sattvic lifestyle: it detoxes, it strengthens and helps to have a fulfilled but light and energetic feeling.

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