Delicious eggplant oven-dish with only 6 ingredients

It took me 5 minutes to make this lovely eggplant-pie before putting it into the oven. The idea is the same as making lasagne, but then of veggies only. Eating a lot of vegetables for dinner gives a light feeling which helps to perfect your Yoga Lifestyle.


This dish is quick, simple and has only 6 ingredients. Just take a nice oven-dish or pan and pre-heat the oven. First put a layer of courgette, the second layer is of tomato and then add the slices of eggplant straight up, with sliced paprika around them. Sprinkle on every layer a small amount of pepper and Himalaya salt. After that pour a nice amount of cream and finish it with grated cheese. Then 35 minutes on 200 degrees in the oven.

All veggies were nice, creamy and soft but not overdone. The thing with eggplant is that in most recipes it is grilled with olive oil: that way all the healthy juices disappear and the plant fills itself with oil. Maybe this gives a nice taste, but it becomes heavy and rajasic. Eating your eggplant like in this recipe, it will taste surprisingly different and light: you can actually taste the rich and lovely juice of the vegetable.

With only season veggies, all organic fresh ingredients and served with some light green salad this made a perfect delicious Sattvic meal. It was made with soy cream, so if you leave out the cheese, it could also become a nice vegan alternative. Bon apetit!

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