Creamy apple-pie smoothie with moringa

Sometimes I really feel like eating a big piece of apple-pie. Though with my light Sattvic lifestyle, the feeling after eating such a heavy cake is not always comfortable. But still, I love the taste of it. So this is a perfect solution in order to meet my taste buds: apple-pie smoothie. The taste is lovely, it is super healthy and the feeling after it is light and fresh.

Here is what you do: take a banana and apples and blend them with some kind of milk, I used my favorite hazelnut milk. Then add a small squeeze of lemon, honey and a bunch of cinnamon. I also added some moringa (for women it is good to take one tea spoon a day on a certain time of the month, because of extra iron).

After blending pour it into a glass and sprinkle with some more cinnamon. Life is all about being happy and healthy! And this made me very happy 😉 Enjoy!



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