18 tips for a perfect healthy & happy Yoga Lifestyle

According to Vedic knowledge our physical health and our mental wellbeing are strongly connected with each other. Everything is energy and all energy is connected. Healthy food has light energy which gives light thoughts. So our lifestyle can definitely bring us closer to our inner feeling of bliss and happiness. No outside source can make you happy, you have to do that yourself, because your happiness lies inside of you: it is the energy in your kundalini that waits to be awakened.

Opening the kundalini and awaken the happiness inside of you is a deep process of inner reflection, good action and devotion (Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga). The only way to reach this inner state of happiness with yoga is by living a very healthy and light lifestyle. This helps us to get easily in between thoughts, in emptiness… like during meditation: that is where you can connect with your inner happiness.

Here are 18 tips to live a perfect, healthy & light Yoga Lifestyle that heals body, mind and soul:

  1. Eat Sattvic; organic, fresh, natural and vegetarian with milk products (for vegans it is recommended to take extra vitamin B12 and calcium)
  2. Eat a lot of green leaves like spinach, endive and lettuce, for extra iron and chlorophyll (if not available it is recommended to take some Moringa Oleifera)
  3. Cook your veggies short and eat raw food on a regular base (it contains more prana)
  4. Drink a lot of water (at least 6 glasses a day) and drink warm water with lime on an empty stomach every day
  5. Try to eat mostly fruits, nuts and veggies as appetizers and drink smoothies on a regular base
  6. Take sufficient antioxidants like vitamin C, E and beta carotene (fruits, veggies, nuts)
  7. Eat whole grain pasta, bread and rice instead of the white ones
  8. Never eat white sugar, use an alternative like honey
  9. Don’t drink, smoke, use drugs or eat meat and fish (these have heavy energy, are rajasic and cause illness and obesity)
  10. Eat your largest meal during the day and don’t eat after 20.00 in the evening
  11. Start you day with sadhana, spiritual practice, which includes yoga asanas and meditation
  12. Have a good rhythm of the day, with enough sleep: go to bed on time and wake up early
  13. Spend time outside in nature in contact with the elements and be playful
  14. Get enough movement during the day, like walking, swimming or cycling
  15. Take good care of your inside world, be loving to yourself and think positive thoughts: always enjoy this precious and wondrous life!
  16. Avoid stress, take your rest (sometimes this means switching off displays)
  17. Become aware of your breathing, deep and regular, this gives inner strength and inner rest.
  18. Eat some organic dark chocolate once in a while, this gives instant happy feelings 😉



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