This delicious pumpkin-purée fits the yoga lifestyle very well


The Dutch like to call it ‘hotchpot’ but I like the name ‘purée’ better. It is a perfect Sattvic alternative for mashed potatoes because you add a lot of vegetables, which makes it a lot lighter and healthier. Only potatoes are not very nutritious, but this way, you can make a delicious and healthful meal.

The Dutch like to eat meat and sauce with their hotchpot, but with our vegetarian Yoga Lifestyle a light salad would be much better. This pumpkin purée was made of a variety of veggies and served with avocado and green salad. Actually, this way your meal becomes amazingly light with a lot of season veggies, which makes it even more balanced according to Sattvic standards.

Here is what I did. Of course I had only organic and fresh ingredients. I washed and brushed the potatoes and cooked them first. When they softened I added the vegetables, in this case a whole pumpkin in small pieces and some parsley root which was a leftover from Christmas and really had to be eaten. You can add any type of veggie to your potatoes like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli or parsnip. I did not peel the potatoes nor the veggies, this way I don’t waste anything of our precious nature: the skin is very nutritious and I like the taste of it.

When the veggies were cooked well (but not overcooked!) I drained a part of the boiling water and left just enough to make the purée. I added some butter (but ghee or coconut oil would be fine too), some salt and pepper and then I mashed everything carefully. Sattvic cooking is always with a lot of love and positive feelings: that energy enters the food!

Served with the salad and avocado it became a delicious and perfectly balanced dinner for me! Hopefully it inspires you to make something even better that fits your own taste: that is where Sattvic cooking is all about… discovering your personal needs by listening to your deep intuition.

Bon apetit!

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