The harsh truth about overweight

More people die of over-eating than out of hunger these days. Over 30% of the world population is suffering from obesity. There are more people overweight than underweight nowadays. Basically we are eating ourselves into death. Number one cause of death in the world is heart disease. And the cause of heart disease is mostly eating meat and drinking alcohol. These are the two main causes of obesity too, but nobody really likes to hear this. Who wants to give up eating meat and drinking alcohol? Official institutions are carefully advising to eat a little less meat now and to control the use of alcohol. Where doctors formerly said it was healthy to drink one wine a day, they are now advising otherwise. According to recent studies this one glass of wine can also damage a lot of our beautiful system.

Sattvic food is vegetarian and without alcohol. This is for a reason: both are very unhealthy for your body. Both are like taking drugs or smoking and very rajasic: it is heavy food that makes us sick and fat. It keeps us on the ground. It gives heavy negative thoughts and thoughts create emotions and those are the base of our actions. Eating heavy and unhealthy food creates a negative character. According to old Vedic Science we exist of energy, fluid and solid substances which are constantly cooperating together to keep us into this beautiful complicated balance. Anything can take us out of this equilibrium; our food, a traumatic accident, an emotion or even a thought.

Sattvic means we eat light so that we have light thoughts, this makes us happy persons. Light thoughts are much better to control: that is what yoga is all about. During meditation we want to become in between thoughts. When thoughts are light, it is much easier to put them aside. Then we come into the now, the present moment with absolute bliss and a relaxed mind.

Besides this important energetic aspect, drinking alcohol is intoxicating our physical body. Those toxics are stored in the fats of animal-meat that are cumulated in our tissue. Eating meat is not necessary, we don’t need these fats, we can eat Sattvic or vegetarian with dairy products and we get enough nutrition each and every day. Eating a lot of greens, gives us the necessary iron and dairy helps us getting vitamin B12, which is only to be found in milk, yoghurt and other animal products.

We see many people struggle and diet all the time but keep being overweight. Why is that? Diets almost never advice us to stop drinking alcohol and eating meat and fish. Why not? Almost nobody wants to give those up, because they became ‘normal’ for us. If you don’t drink or eat meat, you are extraordinary and something ‘must be wrong with you’. It is part of our daily patterns, though both are scientifically proven very bad for our health.

The good news is that dieting is completely unnecessary. Just change your way of eating permanently the Sattvic-way: healthy, fresh and vegetarian, with a lot of raw fruits and veggies and drinking 2 liters of fresh water a day. With this yoga lifestyle your whole system will be in perfect balance again. Then you never have to diet, just quit eating meat and drinking alcohol and eat healthy and organic. Pesticides are as unnatural as chemicals and alcohol, it has the same heavy unhealthy effect that takes us out of our natural balance.

So eat as natural as possible and never over-eat yourself and after maybe half a year your weight will be permanently your best weight. Everybody is unique and some are just build a little bit bigger, it is about how many fat you have. These intoxicated fats make us sick and overweight. And these fats disappear forever when you start eating Sattvic. Maybe a good New Year’s resolution?

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